The world we live in increasingly relies on online interactions, ranging from sending messages to friends via social media to more sensitive data exchanges such as online banking and ecommerce. Encryption is a vital tool in keeping personal data and private information secure from unwanted eyes. With end-to-end encryption, all manner of personal and business transactions can take place online securely.

Domen Zavrl studied cryptography at Stanford University and is highly aware of the importance of using and improving encryption. You can find out more about encryption in the PDF attachment to this post.

Each year, 21st October marks Global Encryption Day, with the whole month of October as Cyber Security Awareness month in both the European Union and the United States.

What Is Global Encryption Day?

Global Encryption Day is an opportunity for people and organisations from around the world to join their efforts in protecting end-to-end encryption. Many governments are implementing policies to undermine encryption and reduce its use and effectiveness, believing it to be a barrier to law enforcement.

On Global Encryption Day, people and enterprises work to demonstrate to these governments how undermining people’s online security is not the solution. It has already been proven that it is untenable to create back doors into encryption. The work now is ongoing to prevent other shortcuts suggested by governments from being implemented.

The Importance of Encryption

Cyber attacks are on the rise and regulations around data protection are getting stronger. This leaves companies in a position of being forced to improve their own data protection, which includes encryption, or else risk fines. Strategies including the use of artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming more widespread as security researchers develop more ways to prevent hackers from stealing sensitive information.

The embedded infographic looks at the three main types of cryptography that are currently used to protect information.

The Rise of Quantum Computing

As human understanding progresses, technology becomes more and more sophisticated. One of the more recent developments is the rise of quantum computing, First posited as an idea in the 1980s, it is only recently that quantum computing has become a reality. Quantum computers use the properties of atoms and subatomic particles, which behave in unique ways, to become more powerful and to perform hundreds or even thousands more computations than a classic computer. Atoms and subatomic particles can exist simultaneously in multiple states and become entangled, giving them unique properties.

More information about quantum cryptography can be seen in the short video attachment.

Getting Involved with Global Encryption Day

There are many ways in which companies and individuals can get involved with Global Encryption Day. On the Global Encryption Coalition website there are multiple resources to help people get started on campaigning for the protection of strong encryption, including information on how to write a press release and how to write an open letter, These resources are available in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Hindi.

There are also numerous events running around the world throughout the month of October, including online campaigns, workshops and webinars in various languages. If you are organising an event of your own for the next Global Encryption Day, you can let the website know and have that event advertised.

If you have experienced the importance of encryption in any way, perhaps through being hacked personally or as a business dealing with sensitive information or offering encrypted products, you can also share your stories online to help others become more aware.